WELCOME TO Rare earth Lab

Basing on our own special technologies, Rare Earth Laboratory produces a wide range of inorganic compounds of high purity, for example, rare earth materials which are used in scientific research in various fields of modern technology:

– in metallurgy of many metals and semiconductor materials;

– microelectronics, fiber optics and optoelectronics;

– catalysts in the main organic synthesis, synthesis of organometalic compounds, film-forming substances, etc.

Our products include more than 500 compounds of about 60 elements of the periodic table.

First of all, high-purity oxides of rare earth metals, their salts and other compounds, in particular, crystallohydrates of nitrates, chlorides, bromides, sulfates, acetates, REM oxalates.

We strive to conduct research and development which will help us create new products and services to satisfy all needs of both customers and society. Our laboratory provides cutting-edge technologies of high purity single materials, RM, REM and precious metals and also our certification center has a high qualification in analysis of high-purity substances, isotope analysis, chemical composition analysis of high-purity materials, analysis of the characteristics of dispersed materials (powders), mineral and petrographic analysis of mineral raw materials.

The main specialization of Rare Earth Lab are the synthesis and deep purification of inorganic halides, obtaining them in an anhydrous and ultra-dry state.

Rare Earth Lab develops and uses special equipment for synthesis and purification by sublimation, distillation, rectification, zone melting, directional crystallization. Also our Laboratory has wide knowledge in certification of analytical methods, of standard samples and in chemical technologies for processing mineral raw materials.

Rare Earth Lab is continuing to research and development of expert technologies, to create new solutions to optimize all processes and to invest in cutting-edge and advanced equipment.